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A+ rated on BBB, 23,000+ customers served, Since 2007 in Charlotte, NC USA
Unlimited Tech Service plans start at only $17.98 a month. Each additional device is only $5.49 a month!


When has an A+ BBB accredited business, offered such disruptive pricing? When has the word "unlimited" actually meant unlimited? With our Unlimited Tech Services plans, you you will never pay a red cent more than what is quoted.

What's the catch?

Have fun finding one…

We did the math. The average customer does around $170 a year, in business with us. We've just found an affordable way for people to pay, by making it monthly. Here is the coolest part. We take the victimization out of owning a computer. No more worrying about your kid getting on your laptop, or if you get viruses from streaming online videos. If something messes up, we are here for you, as many times as you need us.

Is this service like those automated tools?

Everyone has heard of those "fix sticks" and automated online tools, that claim to remove all computer problems; instantly. Beware! These tools have caused major problems, such as removal of your personal files. Check the reviews online, and see what others have had to deal with. Unlike those "one size fixes all" tools, we actually go hands on. We manually remove your computer drama. Also, we are not software robots. We are accountable or "real" technicians.


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Here's what others have to say about our services:

Name: Scott Bailey

Title: CEO

Company: Paul Davis Restoration


I wanted to send my recommendation for Godspeed Technologies. I have been paying excessive amounts of money for several years for a remote server. In order to cut overhead expense we made a decision to bring our server in house. We knew we would need a dependable and reliable company to provide support to get our software programs up and running quickly. We interviewed several organizations to help us get through this process. We settled on Godspeed Technologies because of the expertise they brought to the table. My previous provider had a very complicated process in place that made it next to impossible to duplicate. I relied very heavily on Patrick Johnson and Godspeed Technologies to transition us to an internal server and get the glitches smoothed out. Godspeed Technologies worked around the clock to get us up and running quickly and efficiently. They had to unravel a spider web of process that had been in place for many years. We are back to 100% and it is savings our company thousands of dollars. Godspeed Technologies is not only available by phone, but in person whenever we have problems or questions. Howard Fletcher of Godspeed personally comes over to make sure there are no issues preventing our company from operating at full capacity. The server that Godspeed built and installed is incredibly fast and Godspeed has provided a full backup of our system in the event there is a catastrophic event. We could be up and running our business in short order in a different location with no interruption.

I highly recommend Godspeed Technologies. They have been true to their word and have met and exceeded our expectations.

Name: David Snell

Title: Owner

Company: Snell Experts & Executive Restoration

Website 1: http://snellexperts.com/

Website 2:

Having spent over 40 thousand dollars in products and services provided by Godspeed Technologies, I speak from experience. They've been an integral part of my brand development, and with providing support for the computers/servers we use. I consider the owner Patrick Johnson, a friend. Such a wonderful company.

If you want ethical, sturdy, professional people to help grow your business and do all of the computer stuff as you grow, choose Godspeed Technologies. They are 6 out of 5 stars. I say this and they haven't paid me to do so.

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